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Welcome to Continuous Spouting

The company that offers you the best looking and hardest wearing rainwater system for your house or project. Often imitated but never surpassed we are the first choice for award winning Master builder and architects throughout New Zealand.

When it pours - we reign!!

CONTINUOUS Spouting New Zealand Ltd
is a New Zealand owned company that has been manufacturing and installing Continuous Spouting and Fascia since 1991.

The concept of CONTINUOUS is smart yet simple.........take the rolled coil of material and manufacture the spouting on site. The coil is a continuous length of thick zincalume, aluminium or copper that can be run through mobile machines and cut to ANY length. This means that only joins we need to make are at the corners. Our method avoids the need for sectional joins that will inevitably sag, split, leak or hold water which only accelerates the corrosion process, needlessly damaging your property or home.

Traditional methods of spouting use 'standard' lengths that are formed in a factory without your home in mind. If your requirements are longer then you will have joins. For shorter lengths, you pay for the wastage.

One of the most common signs of spouting and fascia failure..... Plastic or PVC spouting expands up to seven times more than steel spouting, four and a half times more than copper and two and a half times more than aluminium spouting. The more your spouting moves, the greater the chance joins will want to separate.

We are the only company able to provide you with genuine continuous spouting throughout New Zealand. Take the time to browse our site and check out the benefits of using New Zealand's leading supplier of continuous spouting.

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